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Integrating Blinds, Floors and Furniture to Create the Perfect Room

Blinds, floors and furniture will each tend to lend their individual contribution to the ambience of a room and it is thus important to find just the right combination of these three elements in order to ensure that the overall effect will prove to be a harmonious one.

This will require the interior decorator to attempt to create the perfect balance, not just between the choices of colour, but also between the various textures that may be displayed by whichever materials he or she may ultimately decide to make use of.

Ambient light plays an important role in determining the look and feel of your living space, with brightly-lit areas conveying a sense of warmth and space during the daylight hours. Sometimes too bright, curtains are often used to limit natural illumination but can lack the versatility and greater control offered by the use of certain types of window blind. Composed of bamboo, wood or aluminium slats whose angle may be adjusted to admit more or less ambient light, the so-called Venetian variety provides a stunning and highly practical alternative that, if desired, may be used in combination with narrow, ornamental drapes to soften their appearance.

Where a wooden, laminated or vinyl tiled flooring solution is chosen one may opt to continue the natural theme with bamboo or wooden slats, to accentuate the modern aspects with aluminium in a variety of colours or to restore some of the more traditional atmosphere with some colourful Roman blinds to complement the floors and furniture.

In the case of carpeting, much the same choices will apply but with the added proviso that these large expanses of colour can dramatically influence one’s perception of space. For this reason, in those smaller areas, it is advisable to try to keep your colours lighter and any patterns more subtle whilst also ensuring not to obstruct the ambient light more than is absolutely necessary. Where this may still be somewhat limited, a large mirror or two, strategically positioned should serve to capture more of the sun’s light and to redistribute it to those darker areas.

Personal tastes can vary considerably as, of course, do individual budgets and when fitting all of the elements together for the perfect room it will pay to shop where both the breadth of choice and the value for money are greatest. In this case, the obvious source must be one of the more than 110 retail outlets that operate nationwide under the banner of the central buying company – Top Carpets & Floors. As the biggest single operator of its kind in South Africa, the parent company has exceptional negotiating power when buying from both the leading local and international manufacturers. It is precisely this negotiating power that ensures the exceptionally competitive retail prices enjoyed by its customers that prove quite impossible for rival companies to equal on an ongoing basis.

Choosing furniture to go with the blinds and floors need not prove to be a difficult exercise and is one that, again, will depend upon the overall look and feel that you are seeking to create. Wood and leather, being both natural materials are able to serve as a suitable accompaniment to either carpets or solid flooring, and will create a warm and welcoming ambience. By contrast, the use of glass and stainless steel combines equally effectively with either natural or alloy slatted blinds to further extend the minimalist Scandinavian theme that is easily initiated with the installation of modern laminated or engineered wooden flooring, typically in a light grained finish.

If you are looking for the perfect room with all of the various elements fitting together in complete harmony and you would like to choose from the widest choice of the industry’s leading products then you need look no further than Top Carpets & Floors for blinds, floors and furniture ideas.

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