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If you are looking for the best quality carpets in Pretoria, allow us to make a few suggestions when you go out looking for a suitable supplier.  First off, you should realise that it is of little use to buy from a tiny supplier that has neither the buying power nor the economies of scale to offer you truly excellent value. 

Really low prices can only be achieved when you buy at a supplier that has many branches to supply at bulk-buy prices.

The industry is very competitive, so you have the right to demand only the best from a carpet shop; for example, they should be willing to visit you by appointment, so you can peruse their wares in the comfort of your own home.  They should also be able to offer you the widest choice of carpets in Pretoria, including loop pile, level loop, multi-level loop, velvet, cut pile, Saxony, cut loop, shag or frieze (hard twist) carpets.  Besides the different types of carpets, there are many fibre types too, like polyester, polypropylene, nylon, acrylic and wool, as well as various blends of these.

Should you choose, you should be able to insist on “green” carpets too, which have been designed and manufactured with an eco-friendly approach in mind.  Examples include carpets made from partially post-consumer, recycled polyester and eco-friendly underlays that are made of fully recycled rubber and are themselves fully recyclable.

Carpets hold many benefits and are appreciated for their insulative and sound-absorbing properties.  They do not scratch, splinter or scuff and offers a high-grip surface for added safety.  Top Carpets and Floors is your local specialist when it comes to carpets in Pretoria; in fact, we have 110 branches throughout South Africa.  For more information,contact us today.


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