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There are many carpet shops in Johannesburg, so how do you know which one to choose?  Well, your carpet shop should preferably be one of many branches, spread throughout South Africa.  The advantage to this is four-fold.  Firstly, it would mean that you are dealing with an established group with a large infrastructure, offering you the assurance that only a large group can provide.  Secondly, it means that the same organisation can handle all your carpeting needs, irrespective of where in the country you find yourself. 

Thirdly, it means that such a group's strong buying power will ensure you pay the lowest possible prices and benefit from national availability.  Lastly, it means that the variety of carpeting options available would be vast, because it caters for a national market.  Thecarpet shops in Johannesburg that meet all these standards are the ones that can offer you the widest choice, best prices and the peace of mind that only an established infrastructure can bring.

Carpeting is comfortable to walk on and the right carpet in your home can enhance its atmosphere and add considerably to its sophisticated ambience.  There are many varieties to choose from; loop pile carpets stand up best in areas with heavy traffic.  There are no exposed yarns and only the sides of the yarns are subjected to wear.  Multi-level loop carpets made from a chunky yarn often yield a pleasing, Berber appearance.  Cut pile carpets offer a luxurious surface and are better for bedrooms, lounges and dining-rooms.

Top Carpets and Floors can offer you all these types of top quality carpets, along with other styles like Saxony, velvet, hard twist and shag carpeting.  And because we have 115 branches countrywide, our shops are not only the best carpet shops in Johannesburg, but also in the entire South Africa. 

Carpets Worthy Of Installation In Your Home

Finding the right carpets to complete and compliment your home can be both costly and tough, especially if you aren’t in touch with the right suppliers in your area. At Top Carpets and Floors we focus on providing our clients with access to a wide range of carpets that are able to fit in with your existing decor and furniture as well as your available budget.  

Carpets stocked and sold by Top Carpets and Floors are guaranteed to offer durability, beauty and exceptional value for money. The maintenance and care advice offered by this team will also ensure the longevity of your carpets in your home.

Wall-to-Wall Carpets For The Modern Home

Wall-to-Wall carpets certainly have their place in the modern home in this day and age. Suppliers such as Top Carpets and Floors will ensure that you are provided with carpets that are made from the finest materials. Their range offers carpets from materials such as nylon, polypropylene, polyester, wool, acrylic and a variety of blends. Their carpets and rugs are available in a variety of styles such as loop pile, level loop, multi-level loop, cut pile, velvet, Saxony, frieze twist, hard twist, cut loop and shag carpeting.

What’s more is that their wall-to-wall carpets and rugs are designed to last. They are made from only the finest materials and you can expect for the team to provide you with access to a pre-installation treatment system that will ensure the best foundation for a healthy and long lasting carpet. The HealthGuard flooring installation system includes a high filtration vacuum of the area, spraying of the area with BioGuard Pro which ensures that mould, dust mites and other allergens are kept at bay and installing a Spillguard underlay, which cushions the floor and protects the carpet from rising damp and spills.

Carpets provided by Top Carpets and Floors can be professionally installed by the team in order for workmanship to be guaranteed. In addition to this we can arrange for one of our mobile show rooms to visit your premises to provide you with samples for you to view in the comfort of your home. These mobile show rooms are well stocked and operated by professional staff members who will ensure you are provided with useful information and advice regarding the type of carpeting that is best suited to your home and available budget.

You can also expect to be provided with a wealth of information and advice when it comes to finding the very best in terms of carpeting and other flooring options. The Top Carpets and Floors team has been servicing the South African market for many years and will ensure that they provide you with a service that is simply second to none. Whether you are looking for wall-to-wall carpets or rugs, the team will give you their undivided attention and assistance.

For the best carpets available on the market at most cost-effective prices, take the time to chat to the Top Carpets and Floors team.Contact us.


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