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Fitting Blinds, Floors and Furniture Together for the Perfect Room

Most of the time we will only update selected portions of our décor, but fitting blinds, floors and furniture together for the perfect room will provide the chance for a more complete transformation and could be an exciting prospect. Conveniently, the first two of the three items on this list can be obtained from the same supplier and this can make the task of matching up sofas, dining tables, beds and whatever else you may be thinking of changing, a good deal easier.


Top Carpets & Floors is a national network of independent retailers with access to a central buying facility that enables them to obtain top quality branded products at heavily discounted prices. With 25 years in the business and around 110 signed-up retailers, the bulk buying capacity of a group this size has given the buyers a lot of power when negotiating prices.

Whereas any space in your home is likely to benefit from this type of total makeover, the bedrooms, lounge and kitchen are possibly those that are likely to result in the greatest impact. One thing that will prove to be common to any location is that it is important to play down the effect of walls in order to avoid detracting from the effects of the other changes.

In this respect, neutral colours such as grey, beige and cream tend to work well and give you the freedom to experiment with brighter colours when addressing the remainder of your décor. Conversely, when fitting blinds, floors and furniture together for the perfect room, if you should choose to begin by adding a dash of colour to your walls, then you should attempt to maintain some balance with the use of these and other neutral, or at least lighter, shades elsewhere. Where there are large windows that admit plenty of daylight, the use of neutral colours throughout can also result in a rather subtle and welcoming ambience.

Ambient lighting, in fact, can play a big role in influencing the most appropriate choices. A bright and airy kitchen can be a pleasure but, depending on its orientation, it could also get uncomfortable hot and possible a bit too bright as well. In this situation, venetian blinds could provide the perfect solution. From Top Carpets & Floors you will have the choice of the modern aluminium variety or the more traditional wooden product. In the former case, there is the option of white and pastel shades or a metallic finish while the equally elegant alternative comes in a range of natural wood shades. In combination with a light laminate walking surface and a table and matching chairs in pine or oak, the overall effect can be a clean, smart and practical space that should prove to be as comfortable for diners as it is for those tasked with the cooking.

Moving to a formal lounge or family room, the same rules with regard to the levels of light will still apply. Here, you could find that fitting the vertical type of blinds, when matching floors and furniture together for the perfect room, especially where the windows are large, is the better choice. Incidentally, they will work equally well with your sliding patio doors and, in this case, they are able to provide a very effective means by which to admit the outside air while still maintaining your privacy.

Their modern design will also allow you the freedom to extend this contemporary theme to include items such as coffee tables, TV stands and the like with the use of glass and stainless steel rather than wood. For comfort, there is no real substitute for a carpet and this may be used to add as much or as little colour as you wish. If you still want to stick with your easy-care laminates, then you could simply spice up the areas where you do your relaxing with some bright area rugs, perhaps with a bold geometric design. Remember that less is more, so don’t spoil the effects that you are striving to create with needless clutter.

In the bedroom, there is no doubt that the bed is its heart and your décor should reflect this. Chunky wooden headboards and sleek divans create very different needs so try to balance the light with the dark and let your carpet become the stage. Top Carpets & Floors have all you need for fitting blinds, floors and furniture together for the perfect room.

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